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CME Questions -modulo XXII

1: All of the following statements regarding impedance pneumography are correct except:
A: Display can be affected by patient movementB: Measures chest wall movementC: Measures respiratory effortD: Measures ventilationE: Uses the ECG monitor leads
2: Which of the following statements regarding basic airway management is correct?
A: Chin-lift maneuver is acceptable for most trauma victimsB: Chin-lift maneuver is acceptable for unconscious trauma victims as long as cervical spine films are normalC: Jaw-thrust maneuver is preferred for trauma victimsD: Nasal airways can only be used in conscious patientsE: Oral airways work best in conscious patients
3: Which of the following statements regarding RSI in pediatric patients is correct?
A: Involves administration of a sedative agent and a neuromuscular blocking agentB: Preoxygenation is of little benefitC: Should almost always be conducted as quickly as possible; equipment can be gathered while the procedure is being performedD: Tachycardia is a common side effect of succinylcholine E: There is almost no indication for the use of atropine
4: Cannulation of which of the following venous sites has the highest risk of complications?
A: Brachial veinB: Distal saphenous veinC: External jugular veinD: Femoral veinE: Subclavian vein

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