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Case Challenges" From Pediatric Annals
A 16-year-old Boy with Hepatosplenomegaly
Published in Pediatric Annals October 2009
A 16-year-old boy, a new immigrant from Ethiopia, was referred for investigation of hepatosplenomegaly. Past medical history was unremarkable ex... more
A 3-day-old Boy with Acute Flaccid Paralysis
Published in Pediatric Annals September 2009
A 3-day-old male newborn presented to the emergency room with poor sucking, constipation, decreased urination, weak cry, decreased activity, and labor... more
A 5-year-old Girl with Scarring
Published in Pediatric Annals July 2009
A 5-year-old black girl was brought to our pediatric dermatology clinic by her foster mother after referral from the emergency room for the evaluat... more
A 6-week-old Boy with Apnea and Abdominal Distention
Published in Pediatric Annals May 2009
A 6-week-old boy in respiratory distress presented to the Emergency Department via ambulance. Earlier that day, he woke from his nap screaming and ... more
A 14-year-old Boy with Pain in Hands and Feet
Published in Pediatric Annals April 2009
A 14-year-old boy was referred for evaluation of pain in his hands and feet. The pain was intermittent, described as an intense “burning” sensat... more
An 11-year-old Boy with Ankle Trauma
Published in Pediatric Annals March 2009
An 11-year-old boy first presented to his physician following ankle trauma. At that time, radiographs of the ankle revealed no acute osseous inj... more
A 2-month-old Girl with an Enlarging Lesion of the Nasal Root
Published in Pediatric Annals February 2009
A 2-month-old, otherwise healthy white girl presented with an enlarging lesion of the nasal root, slightly to the right of midline. The lesion was fir... more
A 10-year-old Girl with Abdominal Pain
Published in Pediatric Annals January 2009
A 10-year-old girl presented to the emergency department with a 3-day history of intermittent abdominal pain. The pain was initially described as “dul... more
An Unusual Sore Throat
Published in Pediatric Annals December 2008
A previously healthy 15-year-old Hispanic boy presented to the emergency room with a history of fever and sore throat. Both symptoms began 4 days prio... more
A 7-year-old Girl with a Pruritic Facial Eruption
Published in Pediatric Annals November 2008
Editor’s note: Each month, this department features a discussion of an unusual diagnosis in genetics, radiology, or dermatology. A description and ima... more

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